What if you would not have learnt the words “I can not“
Who would you be now?
And what if you had never learnt the concept “I don’t know”
Who would you be now?
What if that WHO is actually there …but is just hidden?
If all that stuff is gone, and you would allow yourself to can, to know, to receive, to be Who would you be now?
Would you like to find out?

Would you like to be empowered – knowing thát you know, knowing whát you know and acknowledging that you can do…whatever?!
Would you choose to be that person a bit more every day, regardless of how others would feel about it?
Even if that means others don’t necessarily encourage this, or even judge this?
Even if you think it kind of scares you …
or it scares others?
How about being scared, or excited and going for this anyway?!

Would you like to create a life and a world where we are empowered, where life is a moment-to-moment creation?
Where things don’t happen to us, where we are not mere victims, watching the movie called ‘life’ and ‘the world’?
What if we can create a life and a world where we can care for ourselves and each other, and where the one does not exclude the other?
What if we can create a life and a world where we choose our greatness, kindness, choice and consciousness more and more, and we inspire others by our mere being?

Would you be willing…?